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SynCoat Penetration Sealer

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SynCoat Penetration Sealer Bitumas Brands Waterproofing Products

Syncoat Penetration Sealer is a penetrating sealer through in-depth sealing by in-surface hydrophobic and subsurface pore filling crystallization actions. 
This product is designed principally for sealing concrete and natural stones. On application, it is absorbed rapidly, sealing the surface of the substrate. Water beneath the surface of the substrate that comes into contact with the active ingredients of Syncoat Penetration Sealer will cause deeper penetration into the pores and become crystallized, providing in-depth sealing. When sufficient quantities of Syncoat Penetration Sealer with adequate curing, this product provides great protection and will continue as long as there is the presence of salts and moisture in the substrate.

*Blocks water by hydrophobic and crystallization actions
* Abrasion resistant
* UV resistant * Easy to apply
* Will not support algae or fungi growth (contains mild antibiotic)
* Stops water on those substrates with fine hairline cracks.  

Comes in 1LT and 5LT.
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