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Since 2003, the main focus of our company is to provide convenience to waterproofing contractors, applicators, and house owners. As the customer's expectation increases, many quality waterproofing products are not easily available off the shelf in many shops.
Under one roof, you can find all the waterproofing products that you need to meet the quality that you demand.

Bitumas Asia Sdn Bhd: “Sleep Well Even When It Rains”, aptly summarizes our business. By representing leading waterproofing brands in the market, it enables us to offer our customers the ‘best-of-fit’ solution to their waterproofing problems.

We represent brands such as; SIKA, BASF, BOSTIK, and MAPEI. With a wide range of products and knowledge, combined with experience in the industry for 20 years; we shall work together with you to solve your building waterproofing problems. 

Products and services we provide: KT0503711-V

Sealant and Adhesive
Grouting & Fixing
Concrete repair & Protection
Jointing sealing systems

Bitumas is proud to work together with reputable suppliers in the market such as Sika, Bostik, Mapei and BASF in providing the best-of-fit solution for your waterproofing needs. This has been our core strategy, to work with our partners in serving you quality and expertise. You can be assured that every product that Bitumas is associated with, conforms to the quality standard set by the industry. KT0503711-V

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