Waterproofing is a fundamental need in all construction projects. The passage of water through parts of buildings or structures has to be stopped for comfort, health, safety and economic reasons. Structural elements have to be made impermeable to water for long-term durability. 

Products Description
SikaTop Seal 107
High performance cementitious waterproofing slurry & protective coating.
SikaTop Seal 109 MY
Bostik Bosolastic

High performance flexible and crack bridging polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating

Greenseal GS 200
Crystallization cementitious waterproofing
B2-Sil 100
Bitumen emulsion coating
Sika Igolflex R
B2-Sil 101
Flexible rubberized bitumen emulsion coating
B2-Sil 300
High built polymer modified bitumen elastomeric coating
B2-Sil 301 Solvent based bitumen coating
Greenseal Polydek
Bostik Ultracote RC2
SynGard HB
High performance single component water-based acrylic elastomeric coating
Greenseal 5000 Liquid applied bitumen modified polyurethane coating