Concrete repair & Protection


Polymer-modified cement-based and resin-based mortars are used for concrete repair and rehabilitation. The particular characteristics of such mortar are good workability for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications, low shrinkage, good bonding to substrate and long-term durability.

Products Description
Bostik Hydroment 425
Water resistant bonding agent and mortar strengthening additive
Sika Monotop 610
Sika Monotop R

Polymer modified high strength cementitious patch repair mortar

Sika Fastplug 102 Ultra-fast setting compound for plugging water leaks
Sikadur 52MY Low viscosity solvent free epoxy crack injection resin
Foam Grout
Foam Flex XP-1
Water Reacting 2-Part Polyurethane
B2-FIX PU3000 1-component Flexible PU Foam
B2-1000 PU Injection Pump Electric-drilled Operated PU Injection pump for injecting Foam Grouy
PackersĀ  Injection packers