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Bitumas Waterproofing Center Sdn Bhd
Bitumas Waterproofing Center Sdn Bhd

Bitumas Waterproofing Centre: “Sleep Well Even When It Rains”, aptly summarizes our business. By representing leading waterproofing brands in the market, it enables us to offer our customers the ‘best-of-fit’ solution to their waterproofing problems. We represent brands such as; SIKA, BASF, BOSTIK and MAPEI. With a wide range of products and knowledge, combined with experience in the industry for almost 15 years; we shall work together with you to solve your building waterproofing problems. 

We are a company that prides itself in carrying quality waterproofing products. Meeting the exacting demands of our diverse range of customers.

Incorporating steps to ensure a building is always waterproof is fundamental for maintaining the structural integrity of a building. Important areas of a building to apply waterproofing:

  • Roof
  • Basement
  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets

These ensure that all concrete or structure that comes in contact with water is waterproof and resistant to leakages or damages.

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